Episode 62.5 – “Curtailed”

It’s another short installment of the PVDcast! In this episode, I give my opinions on the most recent WWE PPV, Fastlane, as well as the following edition of WWE RAW. Some other topics covered are Samoa Joe’s future, changes to this website & my thoughts on “political correctness”. A heavily opinionated edition, where I’m giving you my two cents & (hopefully) not over-charging!

Episode 62 – Max Ink

Max Ink is a Columbus based comic book creator. Max has a long background in comics, including creating the popular comic, Blink. Max has a new project, a web comic called Thinklings. With Thinklings, Max presents a truly honest take on creating comics & dealing with personal issues that may impede his success. Join me as I chat with Max & discover the trials & tribulations of his work. This episode is really an insightful & entertaining one to enjoy!

Episode 61 – Gib Bickel

Comics! That’s the topic discussed on this installment of the PVDcast. I sit down with Gib Bickel of The Laughing Ogre in Clintonville, OH. We chat about the pros and cons of working in a comic book store, what’s hot in comics, TV shows, movies, and more! This is a fun episode for all you “comic book geeks”, fan-boys, and nerds alike!

Episode 60.5 – “Fleeting”

On this short edition of the PVDcast, I talk about this past weekend’s big Ohio Championship Wrestling (@ocwonline) debut in Dover, Ohio. I also give my input on the 2015 Royal Rumble Pay-per-View. This edition wraps up with a very inflammatory installment of “Orlando Hates”! Check it out ASAP!

Episode 60 – Randomania Returns!

It’s been a while since a “Randomania” installment of the PVDcast has hit the airwaves, but it’s returned with a vengeance! My good friend from college, Matt, is my guest on this casual, laid-back edition of the PVDcast. We chat about many topics, including college football, the NHL, comic books, movies & 10 things you shouldn’t buy in 2015. The episode also features information on Ohio Championship Wrestling’s (@ocwonline) next big event, “Ascension”. Get all the details on this annual OCW event, as well as hear Matt & my thoughts on a hodge-podge of topics, by listening to this episode!

Episode 59 – Ken Eppstein

On the first episode of the PVDcast for 2015, I talk with Nix Comics’ Ken Eppstein. In a very intriguing chat, we discuss many topics, starting with Nix Comics (www.nixcomics.com) & its various projects. Ken & I also delve into the processes for creating comic books, including the marketing, distribution & branding of one’s creative endeavors. Ken’s love of music is also featured, which has strongly influenced many of his comic book projects. Check out this very philosophical, entertaining & insightful installment!

Episode 58 – Brian Lau

On the final installment of the PVDcast for 2014, I chat with independent comic book creator, Brian Lau. Staunch Ambition is his graphic novel that’s slated to come out in 2015. Brian & I talk about his project, his inspiration for the book, the trials & tribulations of doing an independent graphic novel & various other comic book-related topics. Check out all the info for this graphic novel by heading to http://www.staunchambition.com/. This episode also closes with a very interesting “Orlando’s Favs.”  Enjoy your holidays & check out this episode!

Episode 57 – Marion Fontaine

After many delays, I return with a new installment of the PVDcast! On this edition, I talk with “The Handlebar Haberdasher” Marion Fontaine. We discuss his start in the wrestling business, as well as the Cleveland wrestling scene, Chicago (the city; not the band), CHIKARA, and, of course, Fontaine’s creation, Olde Wrestling (oldewrestling.com). This episode promises to be a dashing good time!

Episode 56.5 – “Condensed”

On this short edition of the PVDcast, I discuss the new Star Wars trailer that dropped over the Thanksgiving holiday. I also touch on the hot topic in pro wrestling- CM Punk’s appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling & his comments about the WWE. Rounding things out are my thoughts on NJPW’s entrance into the American market & a whole lot more! A quick, yet entertaining edition!

Episode 56 – The Reviews Are In!

A new, experimental episode of the PVDcast hits the airwaves! On this installment, I’m solo, reviewing lots of wrestling stuff. Hear my thoughts & opinions on last week’s Ring of Honor show in Columbus. I also review a recently purchased bootleg DVD of an old 1985 WWF VHS tape & wrap up with reviews of some independent wrestling mini-documentaries. Plus, I make a special open invite to someone during “Orlando’s Favs”. Want to know who? Check out this episode!