Episode 51 – Halfback Hilarity

Soccer is a sport that is played all around the world. Over this past weekend, I (along with my pals, John & Brian) ventured to the Columbus Crew’s game against the LA Galaxy. It’s only fitting that on this edition of the PVDcast, the three of us discuss soccer topics, such as the World Cup, the Columbus Crew, the Premier League & John’s own experiences with the sport. This edition even features a little trivia challenge between John & Brian, as well as revealing one of the Columbus Crew’s biggest secrets. What is it? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Episode 50.5 – “Abbreviated”

On this short edition of the PVDcast, I talk about several topics that are on my mind. These topics include the passing of Robin Williams, America’s mindset on psychological issues, the build-up for SummerSlam and Kevin Steen to NXT. Check out what I have to say on this highly opinionated & thought-provoking episode.

Episode 50 – Nickie Valentino & Jake Clemons

On the fiftieth edition of the PVDcast, I sit down with two young wrestling personalities to discuss their thoughts, insights & views on the pro wrestling business. Nickie Valentino is a young wrestler from the Cleveland area & Jake Clemons is a young referee from the Northeastern part of the state. Both of these gentlemen share their backgrounds in wrestling, their career highlights (so far) & their ambitions for the future. Warning: this installment may contain voluminous name dropping.

Episode 49.5 – “Terse”

In this short installment of the PVDcast, I talk about the big wrestling story of the week, Spike’s decision to non-renew TNA Wrestling. I also discuss a huge show that’s coming up this weekend, Olde Wrestling’s Speakeasy Spectacular. You can find out more about this show by checking out www.oldewrestling.com or follow on Twitter @oldewrestling. This episode will be the best 15 minutes you’ve spent all week!

Episode 49 – PVDcast: Face-Off!

This hockey inspired edition of the PVDcast will certainly entertain & inform anyone- from the hardcore puck-heads to the amateur, casual fans. I sit down with Julia & Haley, from www.unionandblue.com, a fan website & blog for the Columbus Blue Jackets to talk about the CBJ, the NHL & hockey in general. Hear Julia & Haley’s insights about the moves of many NHL free agents, the CBJ Developmental Camp & their predictions about the upcoming NHL season. You can visit their site by skating on over to http://unionandblue.com.

Episode 48 – Libertarian National Convention

On this edition of the PVDcast, I invaded the Libertarian National Convention, which was held in downtown Columbus. On this episode, I am joined by two different guests. The first is Lou Jasikoff from Muckraker Publications. Lou shares his opinions on a free & accurate press, as well as sharing his Libertarian views on the media. You can learn more about Lou by visiting www.muckrakernews.com & www.sanityradioshow.com. I am also joined by Carla Howell, the Political Director of the Libertarian Party. We discuss what the party’s goals are & how important third party political parties are to our nation. You can learn more about the Libertarian party at www.LP.org. Sit back, enjoy this edition & let’s get political!

Episode 47 – Adios Adam

It is with a heavy heart that I recorded this episode of the PVDcast. My good friend, Adam Michaels, joins me on this edition to discuss a major change in his life. Adam is moving to North Carolina to accept a new job & we reminisce about some good times we’ve had over the many years of our friendship. We also dive into some wrestling news, including  TNA’s Slammiversary PPV, the recent WWE releases & who is considered to be the biggest waste of talent in the WWE. A highly opinionated & interesting edition of the PVDcast.

Episode 46 – Fort Rapids Toy Show

After weeks of anticipation, the day has finally arrived, where I venture out to the Fort Rapids Toy Show in Columbus, Ohio! I sit down with James Ford, the promoter of the show & talk about toys, promoting shows & other amusing topics. As you’ll hear, our conversation takes place in the exhibition hall as the show is happening. Join in on this entertaining installment of the PVDcast & check out ctspromotions.com for info about upcoming shows.