Episode 60.5 – “Fleeting”

On this short edition of the PVDcast, I talk about this past weekend’s big Ohio Championship Wrestling (@ocwonline) debut in Dover, Ohio. I also give my input on the 2015 Royal Rumble Pay-per-View. This edition wraps up with a very inflammatory installment of “Orlando Hates”! Check it out ASAP!

Episode 60 – Randomania Returns!

It’s been a while since a “Randomania” installment of the PVDcast has hit the airwaves, but it’s returned with a vengeance! My good friend from college, Matt, is my guest on this casual, laid-back edition of the PVDcast. We chat about many topics, including college football, the NHL, comic books, movies & 10 things you shouldn’t buy in 2015. The episode also features information on Ohio Championship Wrestling’s (@ocwonline) next big event, “Ascension”. Get all the details on this annual OCW event, as well as hear Matt & my thoughts on a hodge-podge of topics, by listening to this episode!

Episode 59 – Ken Eppstein

On the first episode of the PVDcast for 2015, I talk with Nix Comics’ Ken Eppstein. In a very intriguing chat, we discuss many topics, starting with Nix Comics (www.nixcomics.com) & its various projects. Ken & I also delve into the processes for creating comic books, including the marketing, distribution & branding of one’s creative endeavors. Ken’s love of music is also featured, which has strongly influenced many of his comic book projects. Check out this very philosophical, entertaining & insightful installment!

Episode 58 – Brian Lau

On the final installment of the PVDcast for 2014, I chat with independent comic book creator, Brian Lau. Staunch Ambition is his graphic novel that’s slated to come out in 2015. Brian & I talk about his project, his inspiration for the book, the trials & tribulations of doing an independent graphic novel & various other comic book-related topics. Check out all the info for this graphic novel by heading to http://www.staunchambition.com/. This episode also closes with a very interesting “Orlando’s Favs.”  Enjoy your holidays & check out this episode!

Episode 57 – Marion Fontaine

After many delays, I return with a new installment of the PVDcast! On this edition, I talk with “The Handlebar Haberdasher” Marion Fontaine. We discuss his start in the wrestling business, as well as the Cleveland wrestling scene, Chicago (the city; not the band), CHIKARA, and, of course, Fontaine’s creation, Olde Wrestling (oldewrestling.com). This episode promises to be a dashing good time!

Episode 56.5 – “Condensed”

On this short edition of the PVDcast, I discuss the new Star Wars trailer that dropped over the Thanksgiving holiday. I also touch on the hot topic in pro wrestling- CM Punk’s appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling & his comments about the WWE. Rounding things out are my thoughts on NJPW’s entrance into the American market & a whole lot more! A quick, yet entertaining edition!

Episode 56 – The Reviews Are In!

A new, experimental episode of the PVDcast hits the airwaves! On this installment, I’m solo, reviewing lots of wrestling stuff. Hear my thoughts & opinions on last week’s Ring of Honor show in Columbus. I also review a recently purchased bootleg DVD of an old 1985 WWF VHS tape & wrap up with reviews of some independent wrestling mini-documentaries. Plus, I make a special open invite to someone during “Orlando’s Favs”. Want to know who? Check out this episode!

Episode 55 – OCW Coshocton

This past Saturday, Ohio Championship Wrestling presented a historic wrestling show. It featured a whole lot of wrestling action and the retirement of Jeremy Madrox. I’m joined by my guest, Ben Jam In (@benhilton88), as we discuss the OCW show. We review the results of the matches and discuss Jeremy’s good-bye from wrestling. We also talk about wrestling news from around the world, the Playboy Channel and some random movie stuff! Check out this all-new edition!

Episode 54 – 16-Bit Bar & Arcade

On this edition of the PVDcast, I travel to one of my favorite places in Columbus, 16-Bit Bar & Arcade. I’m joined by one of the talented staff members from 16-Bit, Kyle Hofmeister; which many of you may know Kyle from his other gig – CD 102.5 DJ. Kyle & I talk about the history of 16-Bit, video games, beer, music & a whole lot of retro pop culture! Safe to say that this will be Donkey Kong’s favorite episode!