Episode 116 – Ken Eppstein (What the Rock Live)

On this episode of the PVDcast, I go “live” when I visit What the Rock to talk to comic creator, Ken Eppstein. It has been a long time since Ken has appeared as a guest and he has lots to talk about! We discuss some changes he has made in his personal and professional life, his new endeavor with the cool rock ‘n roll store, What the Rock, Ken’s love of music and chat about several of his new projects. We even manage to touch on the topic of S.P.A.C.E., of which Ken and many other great creators will be a part of this weekend. This episode is a rockin’ good time, so give it a listen!

Episode 115 – Brian Canini & Derek Baxter 2

The guys from Drunken Cat Comics, Brian Canini and Derek Baxter, stop by on this installment of the PVDcast. These guys are quite busy with numerous projects going on. They are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to fund The Big Year, a graphic novel that chronicles Brian’s life (a sequel to Fear of Flying). We also talk about Glimpses of Life and Plastic People, two other projects that are rolling out. Brian and Derek also share their views and reminisce about their experiences at S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo). This edition was as fun to create as it is to listen to!

  • Special thanks to Stephen Hines for giving me some rocking music to use for Orlando Hates!

Episode 114 – Frank James Bailey

Frank James Bailey is a true Renaissance man! He is a former radio DJ, current voice actor and the creator of the illustrated novel, Tercona! It’s a kid-friendly tale about growing with super powers, dealing with life and battling evil forces. Find out what the inspiration was for Frank to create this illustrated novel and his future plans for it. We also dive into the world of voice acting, screenwriting and cartoons!

Episode 113.5 – Hockey & Howard the Duck

On this mini-episode of the PVDcast, I explain what’s been going on over the past few weeks. Things get rolling with my tales of website malfunctions, a computer that needed some work & an email from Eric Embry. Then, I share my opinions & thoughts on the NHL Trade Deadline deals that occurred on March 1. I throw in my ideas for what movie should be the next TV series that hits the air and I wrap up with an Orlando’s Fav that reveals what NHL team I detest! Sit back and enjoy this hodgepodge of podcasting goodness!