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Episode 23 – Book It! TNA

On this edition of the PVDCast, my good friend, Adam Michaels, stops by to participate in the first ever BOOK IT! Episode. Adam & I take modern-day TNA wrestling & book the promotion focusing on ways to make it more entertaining. What plans do we have for the company’s titles? What major feuds or storylines would we implement? Who stays & who goes? What new talent would we bring in? Would TNA be better or worse having Adam & me in control? Listen to find out!

Episode 22 – Triple Trouble

This edition of the PVDCast will feature my first ever repeat guest & the first ever 2 guest episode. My pal, Brian, returns & is joined by my pal, Shaw, for this episode of the PVDCast. Shaw & I reminisce about our youth growing up watching WWF, NWA & WCCW wrestling. Brian lends his expertise in movies, including the 3 of us defending our Top 10 movies & also least favorite flicks! This episode has everything- laughs, romance, wrestling, movies & plenty of pop culture to go around.

Episode 21 – “No Shame” Jimmy Shane

This week I sit down with a young, brash, up & coming wrestling star, “No Shame” Jimmy Shane. Though Jimmy has been only wrestling for a little over one year, he is becoming one of the best talents on the indy scene. In this episode, Jimmy explains his background, his training, who he idolizes & what his future plans are for his wrestling career. Hear how Jimmy’s attendance to an OCW event motivated him to become a wrestler. That story & quite a bit more on episode 21 of the PVDCast!

Episode 20 – Juice Jennings

On this episode of the PVDCast, I sit down with one of the future stars of indy pro wrestling- Juice Jennings. In just a few years of wrestling, Juice has managed to collect an impressive resume. He is currently the WAR Heavyweight champion & ½ of the OCW, APWA & RWA tag team champions. Juice talks about his training, some of his memorable moments in wrestling, his background in graphic design & even waxes philosophically with me about comic books! Give it a listen!

Episode 19 – Sherman Tank

On this edition of the PVDCast, I sit down with a man that has been around independent pro wrestling for many years. The man that I’m referring to is none other than Sherman Tank. He shares his opinions on the business, as well as his history within the squared circle. Listen as Tank shares his early experiences in pro wrestling, from growing up next door to a promoter to his roots in Central Ohio to a bizarre ECW try-out.

Episode 18 – R.I.P. Artie

Artie Stover was a good friend of mine, who passed away last week. At the age of 40, Artie was taken from us way too soon. Wrestling was one of Artie’s many passions. He was as big of a fan as I was; which is why we were such great friends. To honor him, I decided to talk about a few stories about Artie & his love of wrestling.

Episode 17 – Dara Naraghi

I sit down with Columbus native & New York Times Best Selling Author, Dara Naraghi, for this new edition of the PVDCast. Dara talks about his new graphic novel, (Persia Blues), growing up in an incredibly tumultuous time in Iran, the creative process & the current state of the comic book industry. Check out this interesting & entertaining installment & follow Dara at his website:

Episode 16 – “Dark Star” Matt Taylor

I sit down with the OCW Ohio Heritage champion, Dark Star Matt Taylor. In a very candid & honest edition of the PVDCast, Matt discusses his beginnings in the pro wrestling game, including some memorable stories featuring two WWE legends! Matt & I also dive into some things that are right and wrong with today’s wrestling landscape. Overall, a very insightful edition of the PVDCast.

Episode 15 –’ with Brian

I sit down with my pal, Brian, to create a new edition of the PVDCast. While Brian is not a hardcore wrestling fan, we do discuss his experiences as a young child with pro wrestling & even delve into whether or not Brian would return to watching it. Mostly, we talk about movies…lots of movies. A different sound for this edition of the PVDCast, but one that will be entertaining!

Episode 14 – HC Matt Mason

This week, I sit down with the man that is calling it a career, “Hot Commodity” Matt Mason. It this edition of the PVDCast, Matt & I talk about the injury that made him decide to hang up his trunks. We also discuss Matt’s history in the business, including the highs & lows. Matt also gives his honest opinion on the business.

Episode 13 – Jeremy Madrox

I sit down with Jeremy Madrox to discuss his surprisingly long history in pro wrestling. Jeremy tells many tales as a 13 year old, growing up in the business. A truly fascinating podcast!

Episode 12 – Adam Michaels

Adam Michaels sits down with John Orlando to discuss their careers in indy wrestling. This episode is 100% unscripted & unplanned, including Adam & John’s argument about the future of OCW!

Episode 11 – Big White

Central Ohio wrestling personality, Big White, stops by the PVDCast. It’s been years since Big White has commented on the state of pro wrestling in the Central Ohio market. Check out what Big White has to say, as well as a trip down memory lane between John & him.

Episode 10 – Oscar Time!

I discuss a bunch of random wrestling news, including Jack Swagger’s police blotter, the Miz’s sex life & how bad Mid-Atlantic Wrestling was. Plus, I spout off about my favorite sports movies & make Oscar picks!

Episode 9 – “The Marquee” Mikey D.

OCW Ohio Heritage & WAR Respect wrestling champion, “The Marquee” Mikey D. stops by to chat with me. Learn all about Mikey’s start in pro wrestling, his goals, dreams & opinions on the indy wrestling scene. This edition of the PVDCast will truly be one of the most unusual episodes, yet!

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