Episode 104 – Drunken Cat Comics

Brian Canini and Derek Baxter join me on this episode of the PVDcast. These gents are the two masterminds behind Drunken Cat Comics, an award-winning web comic. Brian and Derek talk about their web comics, as well as a myriad of other projects they have collaborated on. Brian and Derek even share the tale of collaborating while literally hundreds of miles apart! So, grab a drink, kick back and listen away!

Episode 103 – Eric Murphy

On this episode of the PVDcast, I chat with Eric Murphy, an Ohio native that now calls Los Angeles home. Eric is the man behind the documentary, Traficant: the Congressman of Crimetown. The documentary chronicles the life and career of controversial Ohio Congressman and Youngstown folk hero, Jim Traficant. Eric and I discuss how the project got started, the trial and tribulations of completing the film, Ed O’Neill’s participation in the project and a whole lot more! Check out this episode and learn about one of the most colorful characters in Ohio’s history!


Episode 102.5 – Concerts

On this mini-episode of the PVDcast, I talk about two concerts that I attended this past week. The first concert was Phantogram on Tuesday; followed by Bear Hands on Wednesday. Find out what I thought about these bands’ performances, as well as some pet peeves I have about concert-goers. I end the episode with some wrestling news, covering Lucha Underground, Paige & Roderick Strong’s NXT debut.

Episode 102 – Mat Calvert

On this episode of the PVDcast, I sit down with Mat Calvert. He is the man behind Calvert Comics, who has created a series of deep and philosophical comics focusing on the moral constructs of our society. When the Heart Betrays the Blood, Light & Blindness and Rachel’s Interrogation are three books that tackle issues and topics that could be defined as thought-provoking, controversial or even unsettling. Mat wants to push the boundaries of comics not with just his topics, but with his artwork too. Listen in to hear about Mat’s unique style for his books and find out why he chose to use this type of art. Tune in to what is probably the most profound edition of the PVDcast ever!


Episode 101 – Adam Fields

Comic book creator, Adam Fields, joins me on this episode of the PVDcast. Adam took a very, interesting, “scenic” route to get into the comic book industry. From his participation in demolition derbies to his graphic design career to creating awesome commission pieces to launching his project, Prowl, Adam details all the twists and turns in his journey. NOTE: Despite my best efforts to fix them, there are some technical issues towards the end of this episode. Do NOT let those small hiccups deter you from giving this episode a listen!

Episode 100 – Rich Trask

On this episode of the PVDcast, I am joined by Columbus artist, Rich Trask. We talk about Rich’s career, which spans various different art forms. From online cartoons to comic strips to photography, Rich has done it all; including making the jump to the comic book world, working with Nix Comics on an upcoming project. We even dive into Rich’s love of the Incredible Hulk, G.I. Joe and find out what 5 creators Rich would love to have over for dinner! Pull up a chair and enjoy this cornucopia of comic book chatter.

Episode 99 – Marion Fontaine 3

“The Handlebar Haberdasher” Marion Fontaine stops by to talk Olde Wrestling on this episode of the PVDcast. Marion and I discuss the upcoming Olde Wrestling event, entitled And Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions. As you will hear, things are shaping to be one of the most historic Extravaganzas of all time. This is due to the featured main event, which is the first ever steel caged match in wrestling history! (Yes, you read that correctly) So don’t be a wet blanket and listen to this ring-a-ding-ding episode!

Episode 98 – Luke Herr

On this edition of the PVDcast, I sit down to chat with Luke Herr. He is the writer for the comic book, Heroes International from Legacy Rising Publishing.  But, Luke is more than just a comic book creator! He is also one of the hosts of the MultiversalQ podcast (MultiversalQ.com). This podcast focuses on studying and discussing the various multi-verses that exist in comic book lore. This episode is rounded out with a quick Orlando Hates segment! What drew my ire? Tune in and find out!

Episode 97.5 – Brand Split

On this mini-episode of the PVDcast, I talk about my decision to “cut the cord”. That’s right! No more cable TV for me. Hear about the process and the circumstances surrounding this decision. I also dive into the first week of the new WWE Brand Split. Find out how I think it’s going, as well as my honest opinions on the last WWE PPV, Battleground. A whole lot of wrestling news coming at you in 20 minutes!

Episode 97 – Paul Markoff 3

Joining me once again is Paul Markoff, one of the hosts of Now Playing. Paul and I sit down to talk about movies. We start off with our long-awaited discussion about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and chat about all the movies we have seen in the past 6 months. Paul and I even talk about the upcoming movies that we are excited to see and some classic flicks that we just viewed. Though there’s lots of movie talk in this episode, you’ll also get my opinions on the WWE Draft and the on-going CWC tournament. A little bit of fun for everyone!