Episode 28 – “Bombastic” Bruce Grey

On this edition of the PVDcast, I sit down with a man that’s made a transition from referee extraordinaire to pro wrestler, “Bombastic” Bruce Grey. Bruce & I discuss his history in the business, his transition from ref to wrestler, as well as the philosophy of what makes good wrestling. Join Bruce & myself, as we tell lots of funny stories on this highly entertaining installment of the only podcast that’s live & indirect from Providence, Rhode Island!

Episode – 27 Down in D.C.

On this episode of the PVDcast, I am on location, again. This time I visit Washington D.C.! I traveled to the center of our nation to visit my pal, Bahman. We reminisce about how we first met, Bahman’s many travels all around the world & comic books! While light on the pro wrestling, it certainly is an entertaining installment. Check it out.

Episode 26 – Pittsburgh Comic Con

In a short episode of the PVDcast, I explain my amazing time at this weekend’s Pittsburgh Comic Con. I got to meet Comic Book Men’s Robert Bruce & a true legend in the comics industry- Jim Sternako. Listen to the truly awe-inspiring tale of my conversation with Sternako. Though a little different than my usual content, it’s still one darn good listen!

Episode 24 – HC Matt Mason 2

On this edition of the PVDcast, “Hot Commodity” Matt Mason joins me for a second tour of duty. Given the massive success of his first appearance, I asked Matt to come back & talk more about several topics that we overlooked a few weeks back. Matt gives a quick update about his knee injury, his thoughts about retirement & tells some funny tales from being on the road. Kick back & enjoy this entertaining episode of the PVDcast!