Episode 30 – Book It! WCW

In this Book It! edition, Jeremy Madrox & I discuss how we would book WCW in 2001 right before the company is folded into the WWE. What would WCW’s biggest stars be doing in this new “universe”? What stars would be cut from the roster? What stars would stay in WCW? Would there be any interaction with ECW from the last Book It! episode? All questions will be answered!



Episode 29 – Book It! ECW

It’s time for another installment of Book It! This time, my guest & I, “The Butcher” Jeremy Madrox, travel back in time to 2001. ECW is finished & is slated to be absorbed into the WWE. What plans do Jeremy & I have in store for this beloved promotion? This is part one of two, as Jeremy & I will book WCW during the same time period in a future Book It! edition.