Episode 39 – OCW Live! (Zanesville)

Ohio Championship Wrestling invaded Zanesville on February 22 for a huge show. It was the first time in nearly 2 years since OCW was in Zanesville. Join Adam Michaels & me for an entertaining & insightful edition of the PVDcast. Adam & I talk about some wrestling news from the past week, as well as chat with OCW stars- the Heat Seekers & “Big Guns” Jeff Cannon! Get ready to have some wrestling knowledge dropped on your eardrums!

One thought on “Episode 39 – OCW Live! (Zanesville)

  1. As usual another great segment! I have a few memories of Zanesville while working with three different promotions. I believe PWC ran a couple of shows there and I also worked a few shows for a small promotion, Ohio Appalachian Wrestling, which was run by a fellow named Jay Shaker. Jay was in a wheelchair and provided running commentary to the crowd as the matches were going on. My fondest memories were working for The Original Sheik’s Big Time Wrestling promotion back in the 70’s. Besides reffing matches between the Sheik and Big Bob White, I also reffed for Pampero Firpo, Al Costello, and a few other guys that worked for The Sheik. These included Booby Colt, JW Hawk, Billy Crabtree and John Boy Ruffin. Keep up the great work! I still think you should try and get the following on your podcast: Bull Miller, The Casanova Cliq, and a fellow by the name of Dave Watson, who wrestled as Terry Stellato. Dave has published a book about Central Ohio wrestling that I found pretty interesting. It is called Chokeslam Central and is written by D.C. Watson

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