Episode 41 – “The New Hotness” Todd Richards

I am lucky to have as many good friends as I do & pro wrestling has given me the chance to make many of these friends. I sit down with one of them for this installment of the PVDcast.  “The New Hotness” Todd Richards joins me on this episode to talk about his beginnings in the industry, some great road stories, retirement from wrestling & his new venture of In The Gap Shirts. Check out this entertaining trip down memory lane!

Episode 40 – Mikey D Returns!

“The Marquee” Mikey D stops by to chat with me about a lot of different topics, including his very serious injury that sidelined him for several months. This injury not only threatened his wrestling career, but his actual life! Mikey & I also talk about some recent wrestling news, as well as the typical off-beat stories from “The Marquee”.  This wrestling-heavy episode will fill you with lots of wrestling knowledge, some silliness & quite a few laughs.