Episode 51 – Halfback Hilarity

Soccer is a sport that is played all around the world. Over this past weekend, I (along with my pals, John & Brian) ventured to the Columbus Crew’s game against the LA Galaxy. It’s only fitting that on this edition of the PVDcast, the three of us discuss soccer topics, such as the World Cup, the Columbus Crew, the Premier League & John’s own experiences with the sport. This edition even features a little trivia challenge between John & Brian, as well as revealing one of the Columbus Crew’s biggest secrets. What is it? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Episode 50.5 – “Abbreviated”

On this short edition of the PVDcast, I talk about several topics that are on my mind. These topics include the passing of Robin Williams, America’s mindset on psychological issues, the build-up for SummerSlam and Kevin Steen to NXT. Check out what I have to say on this highly opinionated & thought-provoking episode.

Episode 50 – Nickie Valentino & Jake Clemons

On the fiftieth edition of the PVDcast, I sit down with two young wrestling personalities to discuss their thoughts, insights & views on the pro wrestling business. Nickie Valentino is a young wrestler from the Cleveland area & Jake Clemons is a young referee from the Northeastern part of the state. Both of these gentlemen share their backgrounds in wrestling, their career highlights (so far) & their ambitions for the future. Warning: this installment may contain voluminous name dropping.