Episode 66 – Steve Steiner

Columbus comic book creator, Steve Steiner, sits down with me to discuss a myriad of topics. Steve talks about his creative process, and the inspiration for many of his creations, which includes not only comic books, but sculptures too. One of the highlights is a thorough discussion of one of Steve’s most popular books, gets Vulgar and Tasteless Star Wars Parodies. If you love Star Wars, you’ll want to hear all about this book. It’s not for weak Jedi minds!

Episode 65 – DJ Joey Blayze 2

Heeeeeeeee’s back!!! DJ Joey Blayze returns to discuss his last appearance on the PVDcast. On that edition, Joey & I gave our predictions for Wrestlemania. Find out how right or wrong we were with those predictions. Also, Joey & I give our opinion on who should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. This episode ends with my predictions on the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs.


Episode 64.5 – “Aphoristic”

Another short episode of the PVDcast is in the books! Check out this quick edition, where I talk about AJ Lee’s retirement from the world of wrestling, my thoughts on the Brock Lesnar storyline, New Japan news & the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs! It’s 17 minutes that you don’t want to miss!