Episode 94.5 – My Homeboy Pierre

On this mini-episode of the PVDcast, I give a recap and my honest opinion on two big pro wrestling events from this past week. The first, I witnessed in person, the ROH show in Columbus, Ohio. The second, I watched from the comfort of my sofa, the big NXT:Takeover event. I even manage to throw in my thoughts on the Stanley Cup Finals & my “love” for Pierre McGuire. It’s a fun installment that I believe every puck-head and wrestling geek can appreciate!

Episode 94 – Stephen Hines 2

On this installment of the PVDcast, Stephen Hines returns to talk about his new project. The man behind such comic book tales as Valedictorian USA, Cracker Stacker and Zombie Fabulous, has a new memoir that has hit the bookshelves. Rebirth Defect is Stephen’s memoir about his experiences with organized religion. Stephen talks openly about being involved with several religions over the years and explains how each of these experiences impacted him. This is truly one of the most insightful, philosophical and thought-provoking editions of this podcast.