Episode 97.5 – Brand Split

On this mini-episode of the PVDcast, I talk about my decision to “cut the cord”. That’s right! No more cable TV for me. Hear about the process and the circumstances surrounding this decision. I also dive into the first week of the new WWE Brand Split. Find out how I think it’s going, as well as my honest opinions on the last WWE PPV, Battleground. A whole lot of wrestling news coming at you in 20 minutes!

Episode 97 – Paul Markoff 3

Joining me once again is Paul Markoff, one of the hosts of Now Playing. Paul and I sit down to talk about movies. We start off with our long-awaited discussion about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and chat about all the movies we have seen in the past 6 months. Paul and I even talk about the upcoming movies that we are excited to see and some classic flicks that we just viewed. Though there’s lots of movie talk in this episode, you’ll also get my opinions on the WWE Draft and the on-going CWC tournament. A little bit of fun for everyone!

Episode 96 – Michael Neno

On this edition of the PVDcast, I sit down with cartoonist, Michael Neno. While you may not know the name, you may have seen some of his art work in local businesses, such as Frankie’s Pizza. We discuss Michael’s lengthy career in self-publishing. Michael has created such comics as The Signifiers, Quacky Pig, Reactionary Tales, The Mesh and many others. Michael and I also discuss his love for MGM movies and even fit in a little chat about the upcoming Presidential race. Listen in to hear how Michael is more than a one-trick pony when it comes to his artistic skills. It’s all found in episode 96!

Episode 95 – Terry W. Ervin II

On this edition of the PVDcast, I sit down with author, Terry W. Ervin II. We discuss his many novels, which include Relic Tech, Flank Hawk, Soul Forge, Blood Sword and Relic Hunted. We also discuss the writing process, as well as the trials & tribulations of being an author. We even manage to get a little political; getting some thoughts and opinions from Terry on this year’s Presidential election. Join in and listen to one of the most well-rounded editions of this podcast.