Episode 110 – Jack Wallace 2

On this episode of the PVDcast, I am joined by Jack Wallace, the man behind Disposable Fiction Comics. Things have changed since the first-time Jack sat down with me to talk about Disposable Fiction Comics. While the company has plenty of great comics and projects going on, their network of creators has increased tenfold. Hear Jack talk about putting together this amazing roster of talented artists. We also chat about the current projects that Disposable Fiction Comics are putting out, as well as some upcoming things on the horizon.

Episode 109 – Black, White and Read All Over

Ever walk into a comic book store and not know what to buy? My guests on this episode of the PVDcast can help fix that problem! Victor Dandridge and Ryan Seymore are the hosts for Black, White and Read All Over, a comic book review show. This YouTube show features Victor and Ryan discussing the week’s new comic books, giving viewers an educated guide of what books to grab. Victor, Ryan and I talk a lot about comics, their beloved YouTube show and even discuss a little marketing campaign for one of our favorite Hollywood actors. So tune in and enjoy this energetic episode that is destined to put a smile on your face!

Episode 108 – Paul Markoff 4

After a long break for the holidays, the PVDcast returns with a new episode featuring film critic, Paul Markoff. We discuss the crop of movies that came out after Paul’s last appearance on this podcast; which covers films released in July through December of 2016. Hear our opinions on some of the big films from last year. NOTE: This is a spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen Rogue One, Paul & I debate the merits of the film that may ruin it for you. This debate will begin at 54:30 time mark and end at 1:00 time mark.