Episode 129 – SummerSlam Review

They’re back!!! DJ Joey Blayze and Ringside Rand return to the PVDcast to talk about pro wrestling. As previously stated, these two gentlemen were invited to come back to discuss their opinons and thoughts on the big summer spectacular for the WWE, SummerSlam. We also cover the NXT event that occurred the night before (which we glossed over last time). We even chat about the Sexy Star incident in AAA and poke some fun at a WWE legend’s Facebook posts. Join us for one bodyslammin’ good time on this episode!

Episode 128 – Paul Markoff 5

The PVDcast returns this week with a guest that has appeared many times on this podcast. In fact, he usually stops by twice a year. Paul Markoff, co-host of the movie review show, Now Playing, joins me to discuss movies. We discuss the batch of flicks that came out after Paul’s last appearance on this podcast; which covers films released in January through August of 2017. Hear our opinions on some of the big films that have dropped in the first half of this year.



Episode 127 – SummerSlam Preview

This weekend, the WWE presents one of its flagship pay-per-views events, SummerSlam. DJ Joey Blayze and Ringside Rand stop by to chat with me about “the biggest part of the summer.” These gents also present their insights, thoughts and predictions about what may occur at this annual event. As part of the interactivity of this episode, we even answer some questions from the PVDcast Posse. It might be a little of a long one, but it is certain packed with plenty of wrestling knowledge and fun!

Episode 126.5 – Wizard World Wrap Up

This past weekend was the annual event known as Wizard World Columbus. I made my very first trek to the big convention & talk about it on this week’s mini-episode. Did the convention meet my expectations? How did people receive Staunch Ambition? What famous Hollywood start stopped by the table? All these questions will be answered in this short, but sweet 18 minute edition!

Episode 126 – 3 Geeks Podcast/Wizard World Columbus

The first weekend in August is when the comic book world will gaze upon Columbus, Ohio, as Wizard World comes to town. For the first time ever, I will be attending this annual event. I will be at Brian Lau’s Staunch Ambition booth, helping out, podcasting and having fun. The guys from The 3 Geeks Podcast invited me to come on their podcast and talk about my expectations for Wizard World. Consider this a podcast team-up featuring The 3 Geeks Podcast and The PVDcast. You can check out our conversation here or jump on over to YouTube and catch episode #94 on The 3 Geeks Podcast channel.