Episode 132.5 – All About Me

There have been lots of good things happening in my life. So, I decided to talk about them on this mini-episode of The PVDcast. Some of those aforementioned good things are my relationship status, a new movie project, an upcoming podcast appearance & my enthusiasm for the upcoming hockey season. I even manage dole out my opinions on a few wrestling events. I know it’s a self-centered episode, but at least it’s only 16 minutes long!

Episode 132 – Monroe Comic Con

Last weekend, I took a road trip to Michigan to check out the Monroe Comic Con. While there, I had the chance to sit down with some folks and talk about the creative spirit. My first interview is with Elysia Rotaru, most known for playing the character, Taiana Venediktov on the CW show, Arrow. We discuss her background, life in Hollywood and her many roles on various projects. My second interview is with horror comic creator extraordinaire, Dirk Manning. We talk about his various projects and the art of writing. I even stopped by Brian Lau’s table to capture some people’s reaction to purchasing Staunch Ambition. It was a great time in Monroe and made for one epic episode!

Episode 131- Comic Town

Comic Town has been an institution of comic book commerce for over 20 years in Columbus. Recently, the store moved from its location on Morse Road to its new location near the Polaris area. Store proprietor, Ryan Seymore, and longtime Comic Town friend, Victor Dandridge, stop by to talk about the new locale. We also discuss Ryan and Victor’s YouTube show, Black, White and Read All Over, as well as the new projects Victor has coming soon from his imprint, Vantage: Inhouse Productions. So, join us on this rowdy and rambunctious edition of The PVDcast!

Episode 130 – Canned Air Podcast

#PodcastPower is in full effect on this episode of The PVDcast. I am joined by Jeramy Kahle, Jack Dougherty and Jake Runyon, the men behind the Canned Air Podcast. We talk about podcasting from many different aspects – from why start a podcast to the trials & tribulations of podcasting to the technical equipment used to create their episodes. We also discuss some highlights from the Canned Air Podcast, such as the plethora of guests that have been featured and their favorite Retro Roundtable (a central focus on each episode). If you ever wanted to know anything about podcasting, then this is the episode for you!