Episode 146 – Frank James Bailey 2

On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by Frank James Bailey, the creator of Tercona. Frank’s book, Tercona, is a family-friendly, illustrated novel about a young teenage superhero. We discuss book three of the series, Frank’s process and inspiration for creating his novels and what his goals are for Tercona. We also talk about Frank’s voice acting career and his life as a radio DJ.  As you can tell, Frank is not a one-trick pony! Tune into this exuberant episode and learn all about this man of many talents.

Episode 145 – Ripper Blackhart

Throughout the history of pro wrestling, managers have played an important role in creating superstars. On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by one of the longest tenured managers in independent pro wrestling today. Ripper Blackhart joins me to talk about his fandom and his career in pro wrestling. Ripper shares his opinion on what makes a good manager and how to get “heat”. He even shares and debunks one big urban legend about himself! You need to manage to set aside some time to sit down and check out this episode!

Episode 144 – Royal Rumble Recap

On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by DJ Joey Blayze and the returning Ringside Rand to discuss the WWE Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View. We give our thoughts and insights into what went down this past weekend at the annual event that kicks of “the road to Wrestlemania.” We also cover the NXT: Takeover Philadelphia event and even tackle some news from the squared circle. The episode closes with a new segment called, 5 RANDom Things, in which Ringside Rand recaps his five most important points. Join us on this fun dissection of the first WWE PPV of 2018!