Episode 188 – Wrestlemania 35 Preview


The pro wrestling event of the year happens just days from now! Wrestlemania 35 will emanate from the New York-New Jersey area and entertain millions of wrestling fans. On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by my pro wrestling pundits, DJ Joey Blayze and Ringside Rand, as we dissect this huge pay-per-view event. We analyze each match and give our humble opinions on them. Additionally, we also discuss the big NXT: Takeover event, happening this weekend too. Tune in and listen to the episode that’s guaranteed to piledrive your earbuds!

Episode 187 – Sean Forney


On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by comic creator, Sean Forney. He stops by to talk about his creation, Scarlet Huntress. Sean and I discuss the long history of the character, her previous books and the current Kickstarter that Sean started and had fully funded in just 4 days! Sean has a ton of stretch goals, he would love to unlock; so, you can still go and support the campaign. (See link below) We also chat about his many other projects for other comic book companies and his love of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Listen in to find out which He-Man figure is his favorite!

Kickstarter link: https://bit.ly/2OzgoGt

Episode 186.5 – Braggadocious


There is an old saying that says “it ain’t bragging, if it’s true.” On this mini-episode of The PVDcast, I bask in some of the success The PVDcast has experienced, especially when talking about some of the wild places that are enjoying this podcast. I give a quick update on last episode’s guest Erwin J. Arroza and the status of the projects he is affiliated with – Grinidon and Inferno City Firehouse. I also discuss the technical problems that railroaded what would have been this episode. Lastly, I reveal more details on a new project, Behind the Puck, which will be special edition episodes linked to the Steph Greegor film, The Third Period.

Episode 186 – Erwin J. Arroza


My guest on this episode of The PVDcast is a man that has been mentioned many times on this podcast. Erwin J. Arroza, a world class artist, joins me on this edition to chat about his many projects, such as Staunch Ambition, Inferno City Firehouse and Grinidon. We also talk about Erwin’s love of comics, his late start in the comic book industry and what the Filipino comic book scene is like in the Philippines. Please support the current Kickstarters for two of his projects – Inferno City Firehouse and Grinidon Vol. 4. Links are posted below:

Inferno City Firehouse: https://kck.st/2tAch3y

Grinidon Vol. 4: https://bit.ly/2Hlqgmy

Episode 185 – Inverse Press & Squared Circle Comics


Pro wrestling is made up of great tag teams, like The Wild Samoans, The Road Warriors and The Dudley Boyz. On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by two guys (Kevin LaPorte and John Crowther), who make up a pretty good tag team for creating comics. John is the man behind Squared Circle Comics, which is published by Inverse Press, Kevin’s company. Squared Circle Comics produces comic book biographies of many of wrestling’s great superstars. Hear Kevin and John talk about these awesome comics and their love of pro wrestling. Additionally, we dive into some of the other titles produced by Inverse Press. If you love comics and wrestling like I do, then you don’t want to miss this episode!

Episode 184 – Off Girl (Tina Fine & Mark Reihill)


Superheroes have great backstories. But none matches Julia’s backstory, the superhero from the comic, Off Girl. On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by the creators of Off Girl, Tina Fine and Mark Reihill. In addition to discussing the unique backstory they created for their protagonist, Tina and Mark talk about the wild events and other colorful characters that shape their comic. We also chat about their future hopes for the book and what to expect in upcoming issues. We also jump into other topics, such Mark’s influences on his art and Tina’s screenwriting background. Sit back and get ready for the fun and wild ride that is Off Girl!

Episode 183 – Brian Lau VI


On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined by Brian Lau, creator of Staunch Ambition, who has a new project called Inferno City Firehouse.  This graphic novel is based in reality, pulling from the real lives and struggles of Detroit firefighters. Brian explains why he decided to create this book, as well as what he learned while researching the lives and careers of these first responders. Brian and I also chat about the pending Kickstarter that will help fund the production of this graphic novel. Check out this tale of true heroes!

NOTE: The Kickstarter will begin on February 22. Go to Kickstarter.com and search for Inferno City Firehouse for more details.

Episode 182.5 – Lotsa News


Big things are in the works for The PVDcast. On this mini-episode, I discuss some details regarding a big project that is happening in the near future. I also chat about my plans to go to All In: Double or Nothing and comment on the passing of Pedro Morales. I also give my opinions on this weekend’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and ponder how much cash does it take to build an Elimination Chamber. Don’t delay and check out this 17-minute edition of pure podcast perfection.

Episode 182 – Royal Rumble Review 2019


Approximately, two weeks ago, the WWE presented their first pay-per-view event of 2019 – the Royal Rumble. On this episode of The PVDcast, I am joined, once again, by DJ Joey Blayze and Ringside Rand, as we break down and analyze the Royal Rumble. We give our honest opinions on the event and comment on the various storylines that have started following the first of “the big four”. We even celebrate success and admit failure on some of our bold predictions from a few weeks ago. Quick! Tag yourself in, so you can check out this dissection of the WWE pay-per-view that kicks off the road to Wrestlemania!

Episode 181 – Victor Dandridge Jr. 2


“The Hardest Working Man in Comics” Victor Dandridge Jr. joins me on this episode of The PVDcast. Victor is a Columbus-based comic book creator whose imprint, Vantage: Inhouse Productions, has produced the comics, The Trouble with Love, The Samaritan, Origins Unknown and many more. Victor has also created U-CR8 Comics, which is a curriculum designed to get kids reading comics (and hopefully other books too)! Tune in to hear about Victor’s new projects for 2019, which include a ton of new comic books, more materials for U-CR8 Comics and continuing his co-hosting duties for the YouTube show – Black, White and Read All Over.