Episode 113 – Sherman Tank 2

On this edition of the PVDcast, I am joined by a man that I’ve known for many years, Sherman Tank. A veteran of pro wrestling, Tank opens up about his decision to call it quits in a few months. Tank also discusses his new endeavor, Spine Buster University, and shares his feelings about training the new generation of wrestlers. We also talk about the upcoming OCW event, slated for February 18 and wrap up the episode with a football-related installment of Tag, Feud or Job™. This is one audio battle royal that you don’t want to miss!

Episode 112 – Brian Lau 4

He’s back!!! Brian Lau stops by The PVDcast again to discuss his project, Staunch Ambition. Brian is gearing up for issue #2 and is launching a Kickstarter campaign in March.  Brian talks about the feedback he has received for issue #1, as well as his hopes for the second issue. We even diverge a bit from comics and discuss our favorite sci-fi films. This episode wraps up with a fiery, double-barreled edition of Orlando Hates! Tune in and find out what has my dander all stirred up!

Episode 111 – Robby “Super” Starr

On this episode of the PVDcast, I sit down with OCW stand-out, Robby “Super” Starr. Whether he was cheered or jeered, Robby has been a mainstay in the independent professional wrestling scene, since his start.  Robby shares stories of his training, his successful singles and tag team career and his informal education in pro wrestling. Robby even catches me off guard during a round of Tag, Feud or Job™, forcing me to call an audible! So, get ready for this episode to bodyslam your eardrums!

Episode 110 – Jack Wallace 2

On this episode of the PVDcast, I am joined by Jack Wallace, the man behind Disposable Fiction Comics. Things have changed since the first-time Jack sat down with me to talk about Disposable Fiction Comics. While the company has plenty of great comics and projects going on, their network of creators has increased tenfold. Hear Jack talk about putting together this amazing roster of talented artists. We also chat about the current projects that Disposable Fiction Comics are putting out, as well as some upcoming things on the horizon.

Episode 109 – Black, White and Read All Over

Ever walk into a comic book store and not know what to buy? My guests on this episode of the PVDcast can help fix that problem! Victor Dandridge and Ryan Seymore are the hosts for Black, White and Read All Over, a comic book review show. This YouTube show features Victor and Ryan discussing the week’s new comic books, giving viewers an educated guide of what books to grab. Victor, Ryan and I talk a lot about comics, their beloved YouTube show and even discuss a little marketing campaign for one of our favorite Hollywood actors. So tune in and enjoy this energetic episode that is destined to put a smile on your face!

Episode 108 – Paul Markoff 4

After a long break for the holidays, the PVDcast returns with a new episode featuring film critic, Paul Markoff. We discuss the crop of movies that came out after Paul’s last appearance on this podcast; which covers films released in July through December of 2016. Hear our opinions on some of the big films from last year. NOTE: This is a spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen Rogue One, Paul & I debate the merits of the film that may ruin it for you. This debate will begin at 54:30 time mark and end at 1:00 time mark.

Episode 107.5 – Summation: 2016

It’s the final episode of the PVDcast for 2016! I will be taking a few weeks off for the holiday season, so it’s time to reflect on the year that was for this beloved podcast. I share some of my successes with this podcast from the past year. I also talk about some of my hopes for the PVDcast for 2017. Throw in some wrestling news and some random stories from the past week and you have one enthusiastic wrap-up edition!

Episode 107 – Josh White

“Writers write about what they know.” This old adage is certainly true with my guest on this episode of the PVDcast, cartoonist Josh White. Using his experiences traveling to various places, Josh created a multi-character web-comic called The Love of Men. Not only do we discuss this current project, but we also chat about his two other books, Bad Year and Vision Quest. Both of these books also feature a realistic, relatable tone that readers could easily connect to.  So, join us on this laid-back, easy-going episode that truly dives into the concept of art imitating life!

Episode 106 – Adam Fields 2

The PVDcast returns after a short break to celebrate Thanksgiving with an episode that had to happen! Adam Fields makes his return, as promised, to talk about his upcoming projects. Even though, Adam was on a short time ago, that episode was marred with technical issues. This time, he and I chat live at the Buckeye Comic Con. Adam shares some updates on what he has been doing, which includes some release info on his comic book, Prowl! No technical glitches on this episode, guaranteed!

Episode 105.5 – Questions

On this mini-episode of the PVDcast, I answer questions that listeners sent to me. There’s only two, but I’ll answer them anyways! What do they ask? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out! Plus, I run down some wrestling news and give my opinions on the two big WWE events slated for this weekend – NXT:Takeover Toronto and the Survivor Series.