Episode 123.5 – Travel Woes

On this edition of the PVDcast, I talk about my trip to Washington D.C. to visit my pal. I do briefly discuss the good times had in the nation’s capital, but I focus primarily on my travels using a particular airline. My experience flying back to Columbus was awful and I vent on how this major airline treated me. Needless to say, they didn’t treat me well! I also ask my PVDcast Posse members to help me land a guest. Who? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

One thought on “Episode 123.5 – Travel Woes

  1. Crap situation with American Airlines. The customer service has probably become so jaded with continuous strings of screw ups, and just being dishonest to get past the moment with a customer is standard operating procedure. Your right, if they couldn’t get everything straight in the end, at least they prioritized adequate fuel instead of snacks.

    Sorry, no twitter account to help out with recruiting a guest 🙁

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